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By Asbestos Watch Sydney on March 29, 2017

The work on non-friable asbestos can be done safely by following safe work procedures to both reduce the possibility of asbestos fibers becoming airborne and to reduce the risk of any fibers being inhaled. When you breathe in such fibers in significant amounts, and during extended periods of time, you're at risk of developing lung cancer or various other respiratory diseases.

It’s very important to think seriously the steps are taken to prevent air pollution due to asbestos removal . :

      i.         Previous identification of the potentially risky materials is necessary to prevent accidental breakage or careless contact that creates airborne fibers. Certain products within many of Australian residential may have the dangerous mineral. These are including steam pipes, insulations on furnace ducts, boilers, vinyl, asphalt, cement sheets, shingles, siding, gaskets, ceilings and rubber tiles of the floor. Recognizing all the potential areas may not be possible if you're not a well-trained professional. In fact, it may be necessary to perform tests on various products regarding make sure the occupancy of the dangerous asbestos.

     ii.         Removal should execute very carefully to avoid unnecessary breakage of the ACM. If there are any particularly complete products that need to removal, they should be breakage if it's absolutely necessary. Even then, power tools shouldn't be used in the breakage, since the action of such tools is possible to spread asbestos fibers into the air. The risk of spread air means that the removal process would be a very delicate procedure that's handled only by well-trained and well-equipped experiences.

   iii.         The risk of exposure is also occupancy once the removal process has been completed. There's a risk that workers involved in the operation might carry fibers on their wardrobe, tools, bodies or other items. This means that they ability to expose their own families to the harmful mineral when they go home. Therefore, it's absolutely necessary that everybody who directly involved in the operation is completely equipped with personal protective equipment. Whatever type of personal protective equipment you use must be specifically suited to asbestos removal, which has different characteristic compared to other dangerous substances. For example, respiratory protection devices need to be in compliance with the Australian/New Zealand Standard 1716. There also should be a decontamination facility inside the removal site, which will remove any residues on the tools and equipment used by workers.

   iv.         In the case of removal is yet to be executed, the containing site of asbestos should be forbidden from other working or living areas. It is important that no one is allowed to access such areas within homes or in the workplace.

     v.         Actually, it is impossible to do thoroughly prevent all air pollution during the removal exercise. Hence, it's necessary that the operation is handled within a well-ventilated area. This will help decrease the concentration of fibers in the open air if any chance to get airborne. Actually, an open air location would be an ideal place, but this might be impossible in all situations. Still, if you can perform removal in an open air area, don't do it during at windy days. if you do DIY removal, asbestos exposure is watching you, just find expert to help you cek in here Asbestos Watch Sydney

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